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Claire Wilde, M.Ed., R. Psych, CST

Sometimes we hit a place in our life journey where we realize we aren't where we want to be. In these moments, sitting down with someone to sort through where we actually want to be, and then working through the issues getting in the way of us reaching these goals can allow us to transform our lives. Whether the issues are within your relationship, work, family, or things that happened in your past Claire would be honored to work with you to live your best life. Claire has worked with clients to heal trauma through EMDR, to identify patterns of beliefs that lead to depression and anxiety and low self-esteem. She also works with clients to identify and change the beliefs and actions that are getting in the way of having the type of relationships that they desire.  She teaches clients practical skills to create a better life.  She is a Certified Sex Therapist with the Sexual Health Alliance   Since reaching your counselling goal is most likely to occur when you are working with a counsellor who is the right fit for you, Claire provides a 30 minute "initial consultation" free of charge. This will provide you with an opportunity to see if she is the right counsellor for you.

 Qualifications and Experience

  • Over 20 years in practice

  • Registered Psychologist in Alberta, Canada

  • Certified Sex Therapist with the Sexual Health Alliance

  • EMDR Canada Certified, 2016

  • Gottman, Level 3

  • Bringing Baby Home, Certified Trainer


Megan Vander Heyden, Practicum Student,
Gonzaga University

Research has shown that positive outcomes in counselling are heavily dependent on the quality of the therapeutic relationship. Therefore, I am dedicated to building a trustworthy alliance through developing a warm, open, safe, judgement-free environment and creating space to be vulnerable. I intend to ensure that each of you feel heard, understood, and supported through whatever challenges you may face. I will work with you collaboratively to develop and reach your goals, helping to uncover insights and facilitate change by utilizing your strengths and expanding your toolkit with effective coping strategies to successfully navigate future adversities. All therapy will be tailored to the unique needs and circumstance of everyone that crosses my path, believing that each person is the expert in their own lives and has the capacity for change.


I believe that one’s environment, past and present, greatly shapes their current reality. I have a lot of interest in attachment and how one’s development has impacted them throughout their lifespan. This is applicable to understanding how one copes with most of life’s difficulties and how ineffective coping manifests itself as symptoms, behaviours, and negative thought patterns in areas including, but not limited to, personal mental health (anxiety, depression, etc.), relationships, parenting, life transitions, grief and loss, trauma, etc.

Opal Team
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